Provided by Dick Newman

2013 - 50th Anniversary of the Graduation of the 97th Entry

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Dinner at the Webbington Hotel

Malcom Wallace, Pete & Diane Bennison

Rosemary Sparshott, Jo Wallace

Pete & Diane Bennison, Anne Newman

Linda & Geoff Ray, Graham Hughes

Ken & Janice Whitten, Dave Hazell

Vic Amy,  Martin & Rosemary Sparshott

Veronica Langley, Mike & Sybil Farmer

John Graham, Pete & Rosie Lindsay

Dee Howarth, Graham Hughes, Colin Howarth

Jan & Taff Sussex

Rosie Lindsay, Eileen & Mike O’Brien

Pete & Rosie Lindsay

Tony & Gill Lee

Cliff & Irene Wilkinson

Trish & Neil Hinson

Tony Chilton, Roy Langley

Roy & Veronica Langley, Mike Farmer